Pastor Candidates

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Chairman: Kevin Bird (760)693-0119

Identity of FBC

PURPOSE: Glorify God – 1 Cor. 10:31-33  –  whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

MISSION: Make disciples – Matt. 28:18-20  –  “Go … make disciples of all the nations,

VALUES: Exalting God’s Name – Extending God’s Invitation – Equipping God’s People

Vision of First Baptist Church

Healthy Church – Acts 2:42-47

  1.  Empowering Leadership
  2. Gift Based Ministry
  3. Passionate Spirituality
  4. Effective Structures
  5. Inspiring Worship Service
  6. Holistic Small Groups
  7. Need-oriented Evangelism – Loving Relationships



A man (1 Tim. 2:11-15) who meets the guidelines listed in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9. We prefer that he will have an earned Bachelor’s Degree and an earned degree from an evangelical seminary. He should be ordained by a church or denomination of like faith or be willing to be ordained within one year of becoming Pastor at FBC.


He is to oversee, shepherd, protect, equip, pray for, and exhort the congregation. He is also to lead the church in practicing personal evangelism and planning church-wide evangelism events.  (1 Peter 5:1-4; Acts 20:17, 29-29; Ephesians 4:11-12; Acts 6:1-4; 2 Timothy 4:1-5). As an officer of the church he is to be responsible for the church administratively in accordance with the state of California 501c3 requirements.


He must be in agreement with and able to support the Statement of Faith and the Church Covenant as found in the Constitution of The First Baptist Church of El Centro. Note: because FBC is aligned with Transformation Ministries he will be asked to agree to the Five Pastor Agreements To Serve With Transformation Ministries (supplied upon request).


He is to be a capable communicator, guiding this congregation toward a deeper understanding of God as revealed in the Bible enabling them to live a spiritually transformed life in the power of the Holy Spirit. While weekly invitations for salvation, baptism and church membership are primary elements of the service, we desire a more comprehensive preaching of the Scriptures that inspires our worship of God and equips us for effective service to Him throughout the week.


We believe that First Baptist Church needs someone with the gifts, training and capability of leading in outreach, recruiting volunteers and encouraging stewardship. We need a fresh vision and infusion of enthusiasm to help us creatively reach our community with the Gospel.


We desire that our Pastor is not only passionate in his care for our congregation, but is also willing to be involved along with us in our community whenever appropriate. We are looking for a person who desires to invest himself for a minimum 7 years (Lord willing) in the life of our church and our community.

 We are open to the Pastor having extra-church ministries such as chaplaincy or homeless as long as it does not hinder his ministry to the congregation. It will prove helpful if the Pastor is able to relate to the Hispanic population of our community and it will be an asset if he is able to communicate in Spanish.


First Baptist Church was founded in 1909 and grew to become the hub of church life in the city through the 1980’s. Currently, due to an increasing number of churches in the area, not enough long term Pastors, a change in the cultural make-up of our neighborhood and the choice to stay obedient to the Word of God the membership has settled to where we are today.

We are a loving, older, historic congregation seeking to bolster our ministry in our community through church family care, prayer and a developing discipleship emphasis. We have abundant facilities though maintenance has become a challenge.

We believe that we have in place a good foundation for effective ministry. There is a core group of solid members who love the Lord and are welcoming to newcomers. We have a positive Sunday night Children’s Program (Kingdom Kid’s) of 15 children grades K-6 with enthusiastic capable workers. We have a Sunday night Youth Group of up to 5 teens under the leadership of people who also work with Youth For Christ. The Women’s Ministry is involved with regular Bible Studies, monthly social activities and organize monthly potlucks after service. The men have a monthly fellowship breakfast.

We minister in a cooperative relationship with two other congregations on our campus. Centro Companerismo Cristiano is a Spanish speaking ministry that meets in the basement of our main sanctuary. Remnant is a congregation that is led by men who work for Youth for Christ and meets in our gym.

We are looking for God’s man who has the heart, vision and skills to help us minister an unchanging Gospel message in a way that will communicate with our changing world and especially our community.


El Centro (Spanish for “The Center”) is a city (Population 44,158) and county seat of Imperial County (Population 180,200), California. El Centro is the largest American city to lie entirely below sea level (−42 feet). The city is located 120 miles from San Diego and less than 20 miles from the Mexico border and city of Mexicali.

El Centro is home to retail, transportation, wholesale, and agricultural industries (which accounts for 48% of employment). 

El Centro’s estimated population as of 2019 was 46,315, up from 42,598 at the 2010 Census. According to this census the population is 85% Hispanic though the community feels diverse.

Estimated median household income in 2019 was $47,864

Estimated median house value in 2019 was $216,500

Along with the Public Schools there are Magnet Schools and Christian Schools to choose from. El Centro is a safe community for families with a small town feel. The neighborhood immediately around First Baptist is a little more challenging than what you will find in the rest of the city.

In and around Imperial Valley are opportunities for hunting (deer/dove), fishing, gem and mineral hunting, bird watching, sand dunes for ATV’s etc., 4 golf courses and what many consider to be the best Mexican food North of the border. The Imperial Valley Mall has many of the best shopping and dining amenities available along with a Cinemark movie theater. Yuma and the Colorado River are a 1 hour drive East. The cool mountains are a 1 hour drive West. The beaches and attractions of San Diego are about a 2 hour drive to the coast.


Adopted  July 10, 2022


That all things may be done decently and in order, we adopt for our government, plan of worship and service the following constitution.


This organization shall be known as FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF EL CENTRO, California currently located at 724 W. Orange Ave., El Centro, California 92243.


It is the purpose of First Baptist Church of El Centro, by the will of God, is religious, charitable, and educational to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, administer the ordinances of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper, disciple its members, evangelize its community and the world for the glory of God.  (1 Corinthians 10:31-33)


1.       We believe that the Bible is the Word of God, fully inspired and without error in the origi­nal manuscript, written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and it has supreme authori­ty in all matters of faith and conduct.

2.       We believe in one God eternally existing in three persons:  Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  We believe in God the Father, perfect in holiness, infinite in wisdom, measureless in the affairs of men, that He hears and answers prayer, and that He saves from sin and death all who come to Him through Jesus Christ.

3.       We believe in Jesus Christ, God’s only begot­ten Son, conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary. He is true God and true man, sinless in His life, making atonement for the sins of the world through His shed blood.  We believe in His burial, His bodily resurrec­tion, His ascension into Heaven, His High Priestly intercession for His people, and His visible return to the world in power and glory according to His promise.

4.       We believe in the Holy Spirit who came forth from God to convince the world of sin, of righteous­ness, and of judgment and to regenerate, sancti­fy, comfort and daily lead those who believe in Jesus Christ.

5.       We believe that all men by nature and by choice are sinners, but God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whoso­ever believ­es on Him should not perish but have everlasting life. We believe, therefore, that those who accept Christ as Savior and Lord will rejoice forever in God’s presence and those who reject Christ as Savior and Lord will be forever separat­ed from God in a place of everlasting, conscious suffering.

6.       We believe that this local Church is composed of regenerated immersed believers, voluntarily united together for the purpose of the worship of God, the fellowship of believers, and the proclamation of the Gospel of Christ throughout the whole world.

7.       We believe that our Baptist distinctives are Scripturally sound.  They include the competency of the individual soul in direct approach to God; the priesthood of all believ­ers; a regenerate church membership; the symbolic ordinances of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper; the autonomy of this local church and its fellowship with other churches of like faith; and solemn obligation to majority rule within the church with equal rights to all and spe­cial privileges to none; the separation of church and state; and a world-wide program of missionary endeavor in obedience to the final command of our Lord.

8.       We believe that the term “marriage” has only one legitimate  meaning, and that is marriage sanctioned by God, which joins one man and one woman in a single covenantal union as delineated by Scripture.  Marriage ceremonies performed in any facility owned, leased or rented by this church will be only those ceremonies sanctioned by God, joining one man with one woman as their genders were determined at birth. Whenever there is a conflict between the church’s position and any new legal standard for marriage, the church’s Statement of Faith, doctrines and Biblical positions will govern.           (Gen. 2:24; Eph. 5:22-23; Mark 10:6-9; 1 Cor. 7:1-9) We believe that God has commanded that no intimate sexual activity be engaged in outside of marriage as defined above. We believe that any other type of sexual activity, identity, or expression that lies outside of this definition of marriage, including those that are becoming more accepted in the culture and the courts, are contradictory to God’s natural design and purpose for sexual activity. (Gen. 2:24; Gen. 19:5; Lev. 18:1-30; Rom. 1:26-29; 1 Cor. 5:1; 6:9-10; 1 Thess. 4:1-8; Heb. 13:4)


By the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit, we covenant:

1.       To walk together in Christian love.

2.       To exercise care and watchfulness over one another.

3.       To pray with and for one another, sharing our burdens, sorrows, and joys.

4.       To be thoughtful and courteous to one another, to be slow to take offense and to be quick to forgive and to seek forgiveness.

5.       To guard the spiritual and scriptural purity, peace and prosperity of the church and its growth in scriptural knowledge and godliness.

6.       To assist, as the Lord enables, in the work of the Church and to promote its usefulness as a witness to the saving grace of God in Christ Jesus.

7.       To contribute, as the Lord directs, to the financial support of the Church, the relief of the needy and the evangelization of all peo­ples.

8.       To love and pray for all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.

9.       To engage regularly in personal Bible reading and prayer, and to establish family devotions where possible.

10.     To bring up such children as may be entrusted to your care in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.

11.     To live a life of Christian integrity, to be honest, faithful and trustworthy in all ac­tions and relationships.

12.     To endeavor by example, by word and by prayer to win others to an acceptance of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.

“But if we walk in the Light as He is in the light, we have fellowship one with another and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin.”              (1 John 1:7)


SECTION 1.  Autonomy.

First Baptist Church of El Centro is an independent and autonomous Baptist Church.

SECTION 2.  Contributions.

All undesignated gifts, whether cash or personal property, given to the church will be used or disposed of at the discretion of the Board of Elders. Designated gifts will be accepted only for a designated fund established by the Board of Elders. All gifts accepted by the FBC become the property of the church.

FBC shall endorse and contribute its funds only to those agencies or organizations which are loyal to God’s Word and the testimony of Jesus Christ as stated in the Statement of Faith of this constitution.

SECTION 3.  Cooperation.

First Baptist Church of El Centro is an affiliated active member of Transformation Ministries (TM), a movement of Evangelical Baptist Churches committed, by covenant, to the beliefs expressed above. This membership is a voluntary, covenant relationship among like-minded congregations that remain legally autonomous while interdependent in mission. It is clearly understood that First Baptist Church of El Centro is an independent corporation under the state of California and if at any time the majority of its active members decide to align with another association or to simply become an independent church, it has the legal right to do so as a church, which has full rights of property disposition. First Baptist Church of El Centro shall cooperate with any other organization or association it sees fit to associate with, provided the church is satisfied that such organizations are in harmony with the Statement of Faith of this constitution.


First Baptist Church is not organized for profit and is identified as a 501(c)(3) entity. In the event of liquidation or dissolution of the church, all of its assets and property of every nature and description whatsoever shall be paid over and transferred at the direction of the Board of Elders to the Transformation Ministries and/or other 501(c)(3) ministries of like faith and practice.


SECTION 1.  Prospective Members.

Each prospective member shall receive a copy of the Church Constitution and affirm their agreement with the Statement of Faith and Covenant of Fellowship and shall conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent therewith. FBC does not discriminate against members, applicants or attendees on the basis of race, color or national or ethnic origin.

SECTION 2. Qualifications.

Any person who has professed faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and has been baptized by immersion may become a member of this church upon:

a)       Giving their testimony to the Pastor and/or Membership Committee who will make a recommendation to the Board of Elders.

b)       completing the membership class and affirming their agreement with the Statement of Faith.

c)       willingly submit to this Constitution and Church Covenant of Fellowship.

d)       the recommendation of the Board of Elders to the church at a business meeting.

e)       the majority vote of the church.

SECTION 3.  Duties of Members

It is the duty of every member to be faithful in service to God, in attendance of the church services, to contribute regularly and systematically to its support and to share in its organized work.

Members in good standing shall endeavor to preserve the unity of the church, and if at any time they find themselves opposed to the Statement of Faith of the church, or if for any other reason are unable to harmonize with others, they will not seek to disrupt its fellowship, but will quietly withdraw from its membership as specified in Titus 3:9-11.

SECTION 4.  Classification of Members

Every member of this church is to be classified into one of three (3) categories.

A.   Active Members

Those who attend the services of the church regularly and contribute to its financial support.

B.   Inactive Members

Those members who fail to attend the services of the church and contribute to its financial support for a period of six (6) months will be placed on the Inactive Membership roll. They do not have the right to speak at business meetings, vote or hold office. Inactive Members may be restored to the Active Membership roll by reapplying for Membership as per Article VII. Section 2.

C.   Watch-care Members.

Those who are home-bound and unable to attend the services of the church or who have temporarily moved from the area for any reason may be retained as Watch-care Members. Watch-care Members do not have the right to speak at business meetings, vote, or hold an office in the church. Watch-care Members may be restored to the Active Membership roll by an affirmative vote of a request to the Board of Elders.

SECTION 5.  Termination of Membership

Termination of membership shall be granted by action of the Board of Elders. A report of all terminations shall be given at the next business meeting of the church.

A.   Transfer of letter

Upon the request of a member in good standing, a letter of recommendation to unite with another church of like faith may be granted. Letters of transfer shall be mailed to the requesting church.

B.   Termination by Deletion

1.       Any member who has become a member of another church shall be removed from the membership roll by action of the Board of Elders.

2.       Following the death of a member, their name will be removed from the membership roll.

3.       Any member who, for a period of no less than one year, does not perform the duties of membership as described above may be considered as a request to terminate their membership. Such action must be approved by the Board of Elders and reported to the Church at the next business meeting.

SECTION 6. Discipline

As a covenant community under Christ, it is the solemn responsibility of the church to intervene in the lives of each other when sin has become a determined pattern of life. God has given to the church a means of discipline whose goal is restoration through repentance and forgiveness.

A.   Public Offense

The responsibility of discipline in all cases of public offense shall rest with the Pastor and the Board of Elders. During the vacancy of the Pastorate, the Board of Elders shall assume such responsibility.

B.   Private Offense

All cases of grievance between members shall be dealt with in accordance with the rules laid down in Matthew 18:15-20 and Galatians 6:1-5, and no public complaint shall be preferred until this course shall have been pursued. Charges, when made, shall be in writing, and shall be submitted to the Pastor or the Board of Elders for such action as is deemed proper.

C.   Church Officers

All cases of grievance against officers of the Church shall be handled according to the rules laid down in Mathew 18:15-20 and Galatians 6:1-5. No accusations will be entertained where this has not been the case and where there is not the testimony of two or three witnesses (1 Timothy 5:19). Grievances against Church officers shall be submitted in writing to either the Board of Elders Chairman, Vice-chairman, or the Pastor. Church officers shall be considered as more accountable and where their sins are such as to undermine the trust of the flock, they shall be publicly censured in accordance with 1 Timothy 5:20.

D.   Fair Hearing

In all cases of discipline, if practicable, the persons accused shall be given an opportunity to be heard in defense, and no member, if absent, shall be censured or excluded at the same meeting at which the charge is preferred against them.

SECTION 7. Conflict Resolution

In matters of conflict between members of the Church or between members and leadership, it is understood that the Church is not to take its cases before unbelievers (1 Corinthians 6:1-8), but rather to appoint godly and wise mediators. In the event of conflicts which cannot be resolved between the parties involved, a written request shall be made that the Board of Elders appoint a mediation council to bring reconciliation. That Council shall be made up of Elder qualified believers of common faith though not necessarily members of First Baptist Church. It shall have three members, one appointed by each of the two parties in conflict and one selected by the two members so selected. Said Council shall have authority to make binding recommendations to the parties involved.


SECTION 1. Assent to the Statement of Faith

Each minister, officer, and employee shall be a believer and follower of the Lord Jesus Christ and shall provide written assent to the Statement of Faith of this constitution prior to assuming their duties.

SECTION 2. Lead Pastor

The Lead Pastor shall be regularly ordained or licensed and whose credentials are recognized by Transformation Ministries (TM). The Lead Pastor will freely execute and accept the TM Leader’s Covenant and seek to faithfully live out its directives. If the Lead Pastor’s credentials are not recognized by TM, it is expected that ordination should be sought and completed, generally within two years of accepting the position of Lead Pastor at First Baptist Church of El Centro. The Lead Pastor is an ex officio member of all Ministry Teams, Committees and Work Groups.  He serves as a voting member of the Elder Board.

A. Pastor Search Team

The Board of Elders shall take the primary responsibility in selecting the Pastoral Search Team (PST) and for the calling of the Lead Pastor. The PST must have at least one member of the Elder Board among a minimum of at least 5 members from FBC. The PST will work in cooperation with TM throughout the Pastoral search process.

B. Pastor Search Process

The Pastor Search Team (PST) shall interview candidates, select one (1) who has demonstrated the capability to lead a church, has the experience and abilities, and who is compatible with our church family and community. Upon a unanimous vote, the PST will recommend him to the Board of Elders. Upon a unanimous vote, the Board of Elders will invite the candidate and his family for a time to become acquainted with the congregation.  The salary package including benefits and vacation time will be presented to the candidate during this time.

C. Calling

The calling of a Lead Pastor shall come before the church at a called business meeting.  Notice of such meeting and its purpose must be announced and published for two successive Sundays before the day of the business meeting. The vote shall be by written ballot. An affirmative vote of no less than 80% of a quorum of active members present is necessary to extend a call and approve the salary and benefits package. The Lead Pastor shall be called for an indefinite period of time.

D. Termination

The Lead Pastor shall give the church written notice of not less than thirty (30) days prior to the date he intends to terminate his ministry.   If at any time it shall be deemed wise for the church to terminate the ministry of the Lead Pastor, the Board of Elders must, by unanimous vote, recommend his dismissal to the church.  Notice of the business meeting and its purpose must be announced and published for two (2) successive Sundays before the day of the business meeting. An affirmative vote of no less than 80% of a quorum of qualified members present by written ballot is necessary to dismiss the Lead Pastor. The church shall then give the Lead Pastor written notice of not less than thirty (30) days for the termination of his ministry.

E. Calling an Interim Pastor

The Board of Elders is authorized to employ an Interim Pastor upon the departure of the Lead Pastor.

SECTION 3. Other Ministerial Staff

A.   Job Description

A job description shall be provided by the Board of Elders to the ministerial staff candidate and located in the policy file.

B.   Search Process and Calling

All other ministerial staff shall be recommended by the Pastor to the Board of Elders and, upon unanimous approval, to be presented to the church to be called by the same method as the Pastor (C. Calling).

C.   Termination

Termination will be the same as for the Pastor as identified in D. Termination.

SECTION 4.  Elders

The Board of Elders shall consist of not less than three (3) qualified men plus the Lead Pastor and may add one additional qualified man for each fifty (50) members of First Baptist Church.  Their term of office shall be three (3) years and they shall be elected in continuous rotation.  An Elder may serve two (2) consecutive terms of three (3) years and then shall not be eligible for election until the following year.  An exception may be allowed if the Elders have less than three (3) voting members, then a third consecutive term may be allowed.  According to I Timothy 3:8-13, all members of the Board shall be men of good Christian character and conduct. They shall be elected at the Annual Business Meeting.

The Board of Elders shall act as the Trustees of the First Baptist Church of El Centro.

A.  Leadership Team

In the absence of enough qualified men to compose a  Board of Elders, a provisional Leadership Team of no less than 5 spiritually capable men and women who are members of the First Baptist Church of El Centro may be elected for a one year term. A Leadership Team may be elected by the Church each successive year at the Annual Business Meeting. The purpose of the Leadership Team will be to provide provisional leadership in place of the Board of Elders for FBC until such time as a Board of Elders of 3 or more qualified men can be re-established by election of the Church.

The members of the Leadership Team shall be elected for a one year term.  A member of the Leadership Team may serve a maximum of three terms.  One year must elapse before being eligible to serve again.  The ministerial staff are ex-officio members of the Leadership Team.

B.  Qualifications and Election

1)       Elders shall be:

          a) A professing Christian.

          b) They must meet the Biblical qualifications as set forth in I Timothy 3:1-13 and Titus 1:5-9.

          c) They must be a member of FBC for at least one year. (this requirement may be waived by a two-thirds vote of the Board of Elders)

          d) Twenty-one (21) years of age or older.

2)       Selection of the Elders shall be initiated by the Nominating Committee, submitted to the Elders for approval and voted on by the church membership at the Annual Business Meeting.

3)       Should an Elder be unable to complete his term of office, the Chairman of the Board of Elders, upon the approval of the Board, shall fill the vacancy with a church member who meets the qualifications of the office and shall complete the term of office of said vacancy.

4)       It is preferred that an Elder’s immediate relative shall not serve concurrently on the board.

5)       Any Elder who shall fail to perform faithfully the duties pertaining to his office, without valid reason, may necessitate termination from the Board of Elders by relieving the Elder of his duties, recall pertinent records and provide for a successor in compliance with VIII, 4, A, 3.

C.  Duties

1)       To select the Corporate Officers:

          a.  Chairman who shall preside at all Board and Business Meetings of the Church.

          b.  Chief Financial Officer who shall be responsible for disbursements and keeping of records of all receipts and disbursements.  The CFO shall oversee and recommend for the Board of Elders approval necessary personnel to carry out the duties of the office (ie. Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Property Administrator) and shall make a monthly report to the Board of Elders.

          c.  The Recording Secretary shall be responsible for the recording of minutes for all proceedings of the Church, preparing official correspondence and preserving all official documents coming into their hands during the term of office.  The Recording Secretary shall issue letters of dismissal and membership standing as directed by the Board of Elders.

2)       To hear and consider all reports and programs submitted by the Lead Pastor, Staff, Ministry Team Leaders, Committees and Work Groups.

3)       To assist the Pastor in the administration of all ordinances and ministries of the church.

4)       To appoint and remove such non-ministerial staff as may be deemed necessary.

5)       To exercise general oversight of all financial matters of the church.

6)       To determine the manner in which the finan­cial records shall be audited.  The audit report shall be submitted to the Chairman of the Board of Elders before the Annual Busi­ness meeting.

7)       To be responsible for overseeing the mainte­nance of the church facilities and planning for its capital improve­ments.

8)       To appoint and establish Ministry Team Leaders as needed to further the ministry of FBC.  All Ministry Team Leaders will submit a quarterly progress report to the Board of Elders.

D.  Meetings

1)       The Board of Elders will meet monthly.

2)       Special meetings may be called at the discretion of the Lead Pastor or the Chairman of the Board of Elders.

SECTION 5.  Ministry Team Leaders

A.   Definition

A Ministry Team Leader (MTL) is any person given the authority and responsibility for any ministry in the church by the Lead Pastor or the Board of Elders.

B.   Service Terms

1)       Ministry Team Leaders are the primary catalyst for accomplishing the ministry to the church and to the community God has called us to serve.

2)       Ministry Team Leaders are seeking to live out the Covenant of Fellowship in their own lives.

3)       Ministry Team Leaders function best when their gifting or strength matches their ministry. Every effort will be made to help persons participate in a ministry that recognizes their gifting, their passion and their life experiences to build up the church in faith and ministry.

C.   Accountability

Ministry Team Leaders report to the Lead Pastor or his appointed leaders. Ministry Team Leaders have the authority to exercise and develop their ministry within clear boundary principles and accept accountability for their ministry. The effectiveness of a ministry will be evaluated against clearly defined goals achieved without violation of the written boundary principles.

SECTION 6.  Committees and Work Groups

The Board of Elders may, at their sole discretion, form such Committees or Work Groups as may be found necessary for the church and the fulfillment of its mission. All so formed groups are accountable to the Board of Elders. The Board of Elders shall, in establishing such groups, ensure that a clearly defined mission is agreed upon and that such groups function within the existing Constitution and Bylaws.


A.  Date of Annual Business Meeting

The Annual Business Meeting for the election of officers and the adoption of the budget and any other church related business will be held within the last six weeks of each calendar year.

B.  Notice of Meetings

1)       Along with the Annual Business Meeting, two (2) regularly scheduled Business Meetings of the church will be held to hear reports and vote on any recommendations brought by the Board of Elders. One in April and one in August.

2)      Notice and purpose of all FBC Business Meetings shall be given during the Sunday Services for two consecutive Sundays prior to the meeting, as well as appearing in the Church bulletins. All items of business, motions and recommendations presented to the church must be approved by the Board of Elders.

C.  Eligible Voters

1)       Only active members of the Church, 18 years of age or over, shall be eligible to vote on any question presented at a Business Meeting. 

2)       The Board of Elders is required to review the roster of active church members at least 6 weeks prior to the Annual Business Meeting and post a list of those who are eligible to vote.

D.  Voting

1)       33% of eligible active members shall constitute a quorum for conducting the business of the church.

2)       All voting shall be by secret ballot.  However, this procedure may be waived by unanimous consent of those present and voting.

3)       The simple majority of eligible voters casting votes at any Business Meeting shall be required.

4)       On matters pertaining to the amendments, modification, rescinding or adoption of the Constitution or Bylaws, such action shall require the approval of 66% of the members of those present and voting.

5)       No mortgage or other financial encumbrance may be placed on the church property by the Board of Elders, nor shall any portion of it be sold, without a vote of the church membership, requiring approval of 66% of the members present and voting.


The Chairman of the Board of Elders or designated substitute shall guide the orderly

conduct of meetings, ensuring that information is clearly presented, that ample time is given for discussion and prayer, and that the order and Christian spirit of the meeting are maintained. Holy Scripture and Roberts Rules of Order shall establish the basic principles for conducting all meetings.


Upon the adoption of this Constitution, all previous constitutions are thereby rescinded.

First Baptist Church of El Centro
Pastoral History

07/2021 – present Interim Pastor Todd Wallace
10/2020 – 06/2021 Interim Preacher Brad Harte
09/2019 – 09/2020 Pastor Ray Jones
06/2019 – 08/2019 Interim Preacher Mark Hopper
2018 – 05/2019 Interim Speaker Ed Burgess
2014-2018 Pastor Tommie Rogers
2013-2014 Interim Pastor Mark Goeglein
2012-2013 Interim Preachers John Gaede and Leonard Janssen
2011 Interim Pastor Richard Walker
2010 (6 Months) Interim Pastor Adam Dorsey
2009 – 2010 Interim Pastor Richard Walker
2002 – 2009 Pastor Michael Beach
2001 – 2001 Interim Pastor Ed Burgess
1995 – 2001 Pastor Ken Cartlidge
1993 – 1995 Interim Pastor Grant Yoetman
1990 – 1993 Pastor Larry Sharp
1985-1989 Pastor Richard Voth
1985 Interim Pastor Joe Brunner
1980-1985 Pastor Dan Jackson
1979-1980 Interim Charles Garringer
1972-1979 Pastor Edward Burgess
1971-1972 Interim Pastor E.F.Austin
1965-1971 Pastor Harold Lind
1964-1965 Interim Pastor “Dad” Fickett
1958-1964 Pastor Bill Lawrence
1954-1958 Pastor Earle C. Creamer
1947-1953 Pastor C. Arlin Heydon
1943-1947 Pastor Charles Burrell
1941-1942 Pastor Joe Nation
1940-1941 Interim Pastor H.D. Helwig
1935-1940 Pastor Harold E. Doty
1931-1935 Pastor Carl C. Harwood
1921-1931 Pastor Charles E. Flanagin
1920-1921 Interim Pastor Harry E. Marshall
1914-1920 Pastor Walter S. Reed
1912-1914 Pastor A.L.Kinter
1910-1912 Interim Pastor W.A. House
1909-1910 Pastor Amos Robinson