Doug Landro International Teams

August 11-28:  Bogdan and Krystal will attend our church’s children summer camp in Crimea.
August 18-25:  Doug will be in Ternopil with IT Ukraine staff.  Board meeting will be held on the 23rd.
August 30 – September 1:  Final semester of coaching our four churches in Lviv.
September 7-9:  Begin coaching Church of the Living God in Kyiv.
September 9:  Marina’s birthday
September 18-22:  We are hosting the Central and Eastern European Missions Bi-Annual Forum in Lviv.
September 29:  Global Training Network Youth Conference (Kherson)
October 19-20:  Re:Fresh Regional Youth Leaders Conference (Kyiv)
October 23:  Our 13th anniversary
Prayer Requests Doug Landro International Teams
1.  Pray for us as we continue searching for new finances for Ruka Dopomogy, our ministry of coaching churches in youth ministry.  Our current funds run out in October and we need to find new partners.

2.  Pray for Bogdan and Krystal as they head off to summer camp in August.  This will be Krystal’s first time at camp.  Pray that they will be responsive to the work of the Holy Spirit on their lives and for their safety.
3.  Pray for Doug as he gives leadership to IT Ukraine.  Pray for the board as they begin the process of searching for a new president.
4.  We are in the process of developing a Print On Demand business that will support the ministry of Ruka Dopomogy.  We are preparing a business plan and will soon present it to several Business As Mission foundations.  Pray for the funds to begin this business/ministry.
5.  Pray for our new teams in South Sudan, Kenya, Rwanda and Tajikistan.  Pray that they will keep their eyes open for what Christ is already doing around them and discover how they can join in His work.



Prayer With Kepners July 30, 2012

Dear Praying Partners,

This is Preparation Week. We have two infusion days for Betty. This is to give added medicine for a longer interval between infusions. Duane has two “medical visits” taking others to a doctor or doing a hospital visit to a friend.

Friday and Saturday we travel to Turlock, CA for our annual MGF (Missionary Gospel Fellowship) five day conference. Sal Sarkís and his daughter Christie will travel with us. This is special fellowship time for us four.

Sunday both Betty and Duane minister to the Senior adult Sunday School Class in the Crossroads Evangelical Free Church in Turlock. It is about a 40 minute period. We prepare this week for the class with some visuals.

Pray for times of refreshing and blessing at the conference itself. This is always a time of spiritual renewal and fellowship with other workers in MGF.

Thursday, August 9, we’ll return the 500 miles home to Spring Valley. This time it is a one day trip home for the four of us. We’ll have no “extra visits” enroute home.

Our 80-60-80 Celebration “Open House” time on August 25 at Mount Miguel is also in the “preparation stages” as Duane & Betty do this shorter one ourselves. Thanks for your prayers.

In His arms of love,

Duane and Betty Kepner


Being strong is not only about mass and brute force it is often the mental strength we need to be able to believe in ourselves and to believe in those around us to make a difference in this world. With mental and physical strength combined we can break down those barriers we face in life and accomplish great things for all of mankind.

There are many different ways that we as humans can be sick. We can suffer from physical ailments, spiritual ailments and emotional ailments. Some things can be cured by medical science, while others can only be cured by faith. The power of prayer can heal people of whichever type of sickness they suffer from. Prayer supports medial science and the faith that people have in their beliefs will give them a comfort while they are ill or infirm. This faith supports people in more ways than we can imagine, and the many documented cases of unexplained cures bears that fact out.

Financial hardships cause a great deal of stress among individuals and their families. Are you in need of money? Could your business use a boost? Would a raise at your job increase your sense of financial security? Is your house payment late? Are you just getting by each month? All of these questions run through a person’s mind continuously when they are under financial constraints. While prayer will not deposit money into your bank account directly, prayer will allow you the calm and peace needed to assess and find a solution to your problem.

As human beings, we all commit sins. Luckily, by the grace of God, we can be forgiven for our sins. We also commit acts against other human beings that we end up regretting. Have you ever said something mean to someone only to instantly regret it just moments later? Have you been disrespectful to your parents or told a white lie? These are all things that God does not like, they are sins and you must seek forgiveness. One of the best ways to seek forgiveness for yourself or if you seek to forgive other people is through prayer.